Monday, October 3, 2011

Week 22

                         This is the building where the Nobel Peace Prize is given out each year.

Hi Family!!!
I hope things are going well with all of you! I miss you all lots and lots! :) Can you believe that it will be 5 months tomorrow??? That is so crazy! Anyways... How are things? What's new? Tell me EVERYTHING!!! :) I love hearing from you!
So this week has been really good.
Monday, we had a Zone sand volleyball tournament complete with rain and hotdogs. :) Then Sister Johnston and I did a little shopping. She bought Harry Potter in Norsk and I got a Minne Book. (It's a memory book that people write in and you can put pictures in to remember everyone and everything. Everyone has one. ha ha!) It was a good P-day.
So here is my funny story for the week- it's not really a story, but it's more of a daily occurance. ha ha! I am becoming more and more like mom the longer I am away... So since we have been so busy teaching people lately, my subconscious doesn't ever take a break... I have been waking up in the middle of the night to teach investigators... well to say waking up to teach would be pushing the truth- I am dreaming that I am teaching investigators, but I usually sit up in bed and start teaching. Then I realize that it's the middle of the night and lay back down. It's so bad!!! Luckily Sister Johnston sleeps like a rock and has never heard me! Ha ha ha!
So Tuesday, we were fed a Norwegian National meal of cabbage and lamb soup. It was... interesting, to say the least... Ha ha!
I will tell you about my favorite investigators right now:
Arnoldas- I found him last week on the street. The crazy thing was- he didn't have a phone with him and he didn't remember his number. So I gave him our card and never thought we'd hear from him again. Well, he called! He actaully lives 2 floors above the center. We teach him every single day! He is actually from Lithuania and, man he is awesome! He is so funny and just loves being here- it's like his basement! Even when we are not teaching him, he comes to play the piano and pool and stuff. He reads the Book of Mormon every day and watched almost all of conference with us. He claims not to have an answer of truth yet, but he told us yesterday that he thinks it'd be cool to serve a mission! ha ha! He is awesome! He is totally getting baptized if I have to throw him in the water myself! (But I won't because he will jump in when the time comes. :) )
Lidija- She is also from Lithuania (Kim Bowman would be proud :) ) She is so sweet! She doesn't like to talk a lot because herenglish isn't very good, but she understands a lot. She has had a really hard life. In fact, while we were teaching the plan of Salvation, she kept asking us why this life is so hard and if God really love us, why would we have to suffer like this. We focused on God and asked her to pray to feel His love. Oh man, she did and she KNOWS He loves her. But we still weren't over the "why is life so hard" question. We were teaching her the other day, and she broke down and told us that her parents neglected her and she never felt love from them. Her father left and her mother was never there. She was so angery about her situation and just cried because she feels like no one loves her. My heart Broke! We both shared our testimonies of God's plan and His undying love for his children. Man... She just needs to understand the infinite power of the Atonement. So we are trying to teach her. It's gonna change her life!! :)
So the Lithuanians are my favorite. :) I just want to pack these 2 up and take them home with me! This work is incredible!
Hmmm... What else...? I think that is about it. Life is super duper busy, but nothing too exciting is going on. Here are a few pictures of randomness...
Family, you are amazing! I love you all! I love this work! I love this country! I love life! :)
Oh yeah! General conference! It was SOOOOO GOOD, right? I loved it so much! So we actually got to watch all four sessions. And most of them at the same time as you! Last night, we had permission to stay up til midnight to watch the Sunday afternoon session. So even though I am on the other side of the world, I watched the prophet speak at the same time as you! Sweetness! :) What were your favorite talks???
Well, I gotta go cut some elders' hair (4 to be exact) Should be fun! Have a fantastic week! I love and miss you all! Vi snakkes!
Lots of love,
Sister Jessica Taylor

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