Monday, April 23, 2012

Week 51

Hi Fam!

How are you all doing? It is so good to hear from you all every week. It always makes me happy!

This was a very exciting week here in the land of Norway! We officially have two stakes here! I tell you guys more about that a little later. :)

Sister Butterfield and I had a really good week finding and teaching people this week. We left for Oslo on Friday, and by Wednesday night our goals for the week were met! That's a miracle! :) I saw that cool girl again (the one that yelled at me, then prayed to find me again) but this time I had prayed to find her. It had been a while since I had seen her or heard from her, so I prayed that I would be able to see her again. And vet du hva (you know what- it took me a while to figure out how to say that in English so I typed it på Norsk first... Ha ha!), 2 hours later I saw her on the street and talked to her for a little bit. She is going to call me to meet up soon. :) That was the fastest answer to a prayer I have ever experienced!

On Thursday, we spent most of our day weekly planning, giving the elders haircuts, and preparing to travel to Oslo. We had to catch a plane at 6:30 am, so Sister Johansen told us to go to bed early
because we would have to wake up at 4 to leave to the airport. At 2 am the fire alarm went off. I sleep on the top bunk and the alarm is right above my head. I flew out of bed and looked at Sister Butter-
she thought it was the alarm clock and had knelt down to pray! Ha ha! I had to tell her that that was not the wake-up alarm and we ran downstairs to see what was going on. There was no smoke or anything and all of these people started filing out their apartments to figure out what was up. No one was rushing or anything... it was hilarious! So Sister B and I went back into our apartment to grab our suitcases in case we had to leave. Then the fire truck pulled up... We thought they were going to evacuate us so we started throwing stuff into our bags so we could run out. Well, after a few minutes, they were able to turn off the alarm and found out that some weirdo was making food at 2
am and had burnt it horribly... at 2 am... I was so bugged! ha ha! Sister Butterfield just hopped right back into bed and fell asleep, but I couldn't sleep after that... I just stared at the ceiling until the alarm went off. Ha ha!

When we got to Oslo, we had a wonderful mission conference with Elder Jose Teixeira of the 1st quorum of the 70. It was so good! I love out mission so much! On Saturday, we did missionary work in the areas where we were staying. We stayed at my old apartment with the sisters there and it was so fun to be back in Oslo! I forgot how much I missed it there! It is a beautiful city. That evening, we had part one of the conference. They had all of the missionaries sit up on the stand. As we sang "How Firm a Foundation,"  looked out over all of the people who had come from near and far to be there- many were crying tears of joy- it was so powerful! The church is true here in Norway! :) On Sunday, we went into town - They rented out the Folkets Hus for the conference and we had 1300 members there from all over the country. It was so special! The Spirit was so strong and I couldn't help but feel
so much love for these people! So there, the new stake was officially established! We now have the Oslo stake (which Trondheim is a part of) and the Drammen stake (which is Drammen and the western cities). It was so exciting! I felt so blessed to be there among all of those people! I got to talk to many old friends and it was just dandy! It was then that I saw Chelsea Osborne. I think I talked to her more than I ever had before my mission. She is a really sweet girl. Being with her was like a little taste of home. :) After the conference, we hoped in a van to the airport and flew back to Trondheim. It was so great!

We should be having a baptism this weekend for our miracle, Julianne! We will be cramming to teach her the commandments and get her prepared, but it is going to be good! Agnes (the woman who loves
coming to church) came to the broadcast of the conference yesterday even though we weren't there. She told me later that she feels peace at church and enjoys being there. She is so getting baptized... if is not the question, it's when! :)

Well family, I hope you have a great week! Thanks for all you do! I love you all so much! :) Sorry, I don't have a lot of time, so I can't send individual emails again... Don't hate me! :) Thank you for sending me out those shoes, mamma! You are the bestest in the westest! See you in 20 days!!! (on skype of course) Ha ha!

Love and miss you tons!
♥- Søster Jessica Taylor

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