Monday, April 30, 2012

Week 52

Hello Family!

I hope everything is going well with everyone. I love and miss you all!

Well this week has been a really cool one. We have been teaching this really cool lady named Agnes. She is middle-aged lady. Our first teach with her was AMAZING!!! The member we brought with her is actually the Branch Missionary leader and he basically taught the whole lesson. It was great! Cool thing about her- she has been to SLC and seen the temple and ever since then she has wanted go in. So as we talked, Arne, the member, shared Mosiah 18:8-10 about baptism and it says "What have ye against being baptized?" and before he was finished reading, she said "ok, ok, I will do it!" She wants to be baptized like nothing else! It is the most amazing thing ever. She feels the Spirit and loves the peace it brings. She will be baptized on the 5th of June. she sent me a text and told me that she will be going to the temple in about a year! :) We are so happy for her!

Julianne is back! She was sick, but we were finally able to meet with her again and get another date. She will be baptized on the 12th of May. Satan had hit her a little bit while she was sick, but she came to church yesterday and had a wonderful time. She is coming to family home evening with the YSA tonight and we are going to a members house together on Thursday to eat dinner. It will be so great! :) Heavenly Father is blessing us so much!

So I found out today that this guy named James (I taught him in Oslo) is getting baptized at the end of this month! Yahoo!

Our magazine comes out tomorrow! We'll find out real quick if I'm on the cover! Ha ha! :)

Yesterday in Sacrament meeting, I had to speak. It went really well, actually. It was weird because as I thought about it, I was speaking in Sacrament meeting at home about a year ago... giving my farewell... It was the weirdest thing! I never would have thought of myself standing at a pulpit half-way around the world, giving a talk about following the Holy Ghost in another language. It blows my mind that it has been a year. I am so grateful for my mission! It kills me that I only have 6 months left... I never want it to end! I could do this work forever! It is the best thing anyone could ever do! I am so happy! I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to be here in Norway! I am so grateful for the things I am learning and for the people I am meeting. My heart is so full! :) I only wish I could serve like an elder- for 2 years... Sorry, but I don't want to come home... Too late! I said it!

Anyways, I love you all so much! Have a great week! See you on Mother's day! :)

♥- Søster Jessica Taylor

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  1. oh my goodness, this makes me cry! she is doing so well. jess is SUCH a good example to me and always has been. I love you, jess!