Monday, October 1, 2012

Week 74

Hi family!!!
I am so sorry for the extremely short email last week- it was was so rude of me, especially right after a baptism! So I am going to fill you in right now!
So last Wednesday was Bob's big day! I had been sick all morning- Poor Sister Pace was responsible for making some Brownies and finalizing some last minute details because I was trying to sleep off my disease. She was such a trooper! When we had about 2 hours until the baptism started, we headed to the church to make the programs and set up. Everything was going so great, despite how I was feeling. :) When Bob got to the church, he didn't tell us he was there, but we heard him playing a simple song on the piano. We knew it was him (he has a very signature song that he plays) So we went and got him and his clothes all sorted out. When he saw the suit thingy, he asked if we had one without legs, just a dress thing so that he could look more like Jesus. It was so funny! Well, once he got changed, we were getting ready to take some pictures, but then we realized someone was missing... BOB!!! He had completely disappeared! So there was a group of like 6 people running around the church calling for Bob. Sister Pace, bless her heart, was so stressed- she led the pack. Then there was me, trailing behind, just laughing my head off. (I was so sick! But I was not stressed at all... That's a first!) Anyways, we ended up in the chapel and everyone was so lost as to what to do. Sister Pace kept saying "I thought it was Runaway Bride not Runaway Investigator!" Ha ha! When we thought all hope was lost, Bob popped out from behind the curtains in the chapel... He had been hiding in the curtains like a 6 year old! I laughed so hard all over again! (He later told us that he was so nervous he almost ran out of the church... that would've been bad... I think Sister Pace would've died...) Well, we took some pictures and then proceeded to the baptism. Bob looked kind of terrified the whole time, even as he was standing in the water, but when he came out of the water he told us later that he had the most amazing feeling that made all of his fears worth it. I am not going to lie, the Spirit was so incredibly strong and Sister Pace and I shed a few tears together. It was a great moment! :) I got my greenie a baptism in her first transfer. SUCCESS!!! :)
As for the rest of the week, I spent a lot of time trying to get better and we did a lot of finding because we need to find another Bob! :) He got the gift of the Holy Ghost that Sunday and that was so great. We just love him to pieces!
This week has been amazing in so many ways!  Kari almost dropped us a while ago because she has been super sick, but we were able to meet with her again and teach her about God's plan. It was so great! We love her so very much! She probably won't get baptized for a while because she has to have major surgery, but she wants to afterwards. I probably won't be here. :( As long as she is baptized at some point, I don't mind. :) She has come to church 2 weeks in a row with the members she lives with. :) On Wednesday night a major miracle happened. We are living in the house that Sister Pace's great grandpa built and her great aunt, Ellen (who is not a member), lives upstairs. It is a miracle that we are so close to her! We were up visiting her and Sister Pace decided to ask her if we could teach her. The feeling in that room was so strong, so strong! I just felt like everything we said was so guided. I recognized that the feeling was good and from God, but it was different that feeling the Holy Ghost... Then it hit me- we were surrounded by angels! All of the people who were rooting and pushing for Ellen to know the truth. Oh my goodness- it was so cool! I have NEVER felt that close to the spirit world - it literally is so close to us! Miraculously, she accepted and when we went back to our apartment, Sister Pace broke down crying and I couldn't help but feel that someone was giving me a big hug. It says in Alma 13:24 "For behold angels are declaring it unto many at this time in our land; and this is for the purpose of preparing the hearts of the children of men to receive his word at the time of his coming in his glory." I have a very firm testimony of this! People on both sides of the veil are doing the Lord's work! I love it!!!
Well family, that's about all I've got for this week. I love and miss you all so very much! Ha det bra og vi snakkes! :)
♥- Søster Jessica Taylor

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