Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Week 15

Hi family!!!
I love you all so very much! So this week has been an interesting one. On Tuesday night, we had a little Chilean woman who only spoke spanish and Norwegian stay in our apartment. (She is from another area and is being taught by the missionaries, but she had to come to oslo to work something out at the embassy) We had to get special persmission because me and Sis Stevens had to sleep in the same twin sized bed in the loft of our apartment... Shoot me now! I had to take 2 tylenol PM and I still didn't sleep! Sounds like Cali to me! :) Ha ha ha!) Funny part of the story- I woke up to snoring and I could've sworn it was Sis Stevens, so in my drugged stuppor, I tapped her to make it stop and went back to sleep. Well that happened again, but to my horror, I realized that it wasn't sis Stevens snoring... It was the Chilean!!! I felt so bad! We now have a closer bond as a companionship- we've slept in the same bed and now our bond is even stronger! Ha ha ha!
Wednesday, we got lost again... But not in the middle of nowhere this time. See we were trying to find this referral man in the outskirts of Oslo, but we couldn't find his house. We walked throught this one neighborhood like 3 or 4 times and then, after a Polish man, a store clerk, and a random woman, we found that the apartment building was right off the main road... And to make it worse- the man wasn't even home!!! Bah!!!! Oh well... Ha ha ha!
Thursday, we had lunch with 2 older members in the ward. It was in all Norwegian, but I loved it and they are the coolest people EVER! They told me their conversion stories and how they met and it was so cute! They are 2 of the oldest, longest running members in the Oslo Ward. I am so grateful for amazing people like them! They are such amazing examples of being pioneers in Norway, because they are! 

Friday, we had district meeting with President Johansen. He is so cool! He is a short man, but he is a spiritual powerhouse! Our meeting stressed me out hard core though- we had to role play in Norwegian in front of everyone, and I just about had a nervous breakdown. When we were prepping for it, I shed my second set of tears over this language. It is SOOOOOOOOOOOO hard! One day, I feel like I,m grasping it, and the next I don't understand anything. Oh well- I have to be grateful for the blessings and help that I have received. :) I had my first real interview with President. He is really nice! He told me that I will be getting a new companion soon. Because of the stupid visa mess, my time with Sister Stevens has been cut short! I am so sad! We have about 3 more weeks together. But apparently, I was in the same 6th grade class with my new companion, Sister Johnston. That should be cool to see her again! :) 

Now for the amazingness- Mia's baptism! Oh my goodness- it was so AMAZING! There were so many people there to support her- everyone just loves her! She was so cute in her white baptism dress and her family who are atheists came and her mom helped get her all ready. Her program was in english (the ward mission leader wasn't too happy about that... Ha ha ha! This church isn't an american church- it's a world-wide church) Anyways... I guess the font was filled to early because the water was freezing- she told everyone as they prepared to baptize her. :) There were 4 priesthood holders in the font to help her because she can't stand on her own, so they had to push her under and then quickly pull her out. It was so amazing to see her face as she came out of the water! I am so grateful to be here!!!! Yesterday she was confirmed and the blessing was so sweet! I love being a missionary!!! We have another baptism this coming Saturday too- Josef is so quiet, but is such a strong guy. He is always saying "Why not?" Will you live the word of wisdom... law of chastity... etc? "Why not?" Ha ha! He's great! :) I'll let you know how it goes! 

What else.... There's not really much else. Dad wanted me to tell you more about our 3 miracle teaches- We needed three more by 9pm that evening... as we headed towards home, we came across 3 different people within a short period of time. We taught each of them the restoration in about 5 minutes and invited them to learn more. So we got our teaches! Yay for miracles!!! :) 

I absolutely love my companion! We work so well together and we have a great time. We are trying to find new people to teach, but it's kinda difficult because not many people are willing to listen, but I know that the Lord has people prepared for us to find, so we just need to find them! I'm working on reading the Book of Mormon before Thanksgiving (which they don't have here...Ha ha ha!) and it is amazing! I love that book with all of my heart!

Well family, I love you so very much! Thank you for all you do- you're amazing!!!

Until next week,
Sister Jessica Taylor

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