Tuesday, August 30, 2011


                                            I really don't have tacos, my rain jacket leaks!!!

It's Monday again!!! My favorite day of the week! :) I love hearing from you all- it is the best!
So I'm healed- I went to take a picture of my nice bruise, but it was gone! I swear, I'm not going to tell you any of my funny stories if you are going to take them so seriously! Sheeesh! Ha ha ha! :)
So last Monday, we went for a hike. It was so beautiful! Norway is absolutely incredible! :)
Tuesday was a day of food and lots of it! We had a member lunch with an older lady named Randi. She fed us pizza and strawberry short cake- it was fabulous! Then we went to go mop floors for a member who just had surgery, and she tried to feed us too, but right after, we had a member dinner so we had to eat again! We ate and ate and ate! I love the ward here thoug- they are amazing!
Well this week we had some splits going on. Sister Stevens went up to Tronheim for a few days and I had Sister Fredrickson for 2 and Sister Ray for 1. These were the 2 sisters who were delayed at the MTC when we first got there! It was so good to see them- they are amazing missionaries and I can't waith to be companions with them! We found lots of people to teach! I was so happy to work with them, but I missed Sister Stevens a bit. :) It's actually really sad because on Wednesday, Sister Stevens moves to Bergen and I get a new companion. We keep asking President Johansen if I can follow her there next transfer because we got jipped due to my visa delay... we'll see what the Lord says about that...
So splits took up most of the week. Yesterday we had 2 investigators in church which is awesome! We are teaching some really good people while still keeping tabs on Mia and Yusuf- the 2 recently baptized members. I am so grateful for them and their awesome testimonies!
It's been raining like crazy here lately. It's getting darker and darker everyday, but the rain is ridiculous! ha ha! A member actually gave me a rain jacket, but in one pic I'm sending shows a defect... looks like tacos! ha ha!
Funny story, I've been cutting lots of hair here. The elders need them often.. ha ha! One elder bought me a kebab to say thanks- it was awesome! So fun! :)
So I attached some pics from Yusuf's baptism, our hike, and some other stuff. :)
Sorry this is kinda short! Just know I love you all so much!
Vi Snakkes!
Lots of love,
Sister Taylor

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