Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Week 16

Hi family!!!

Oh my goodness- thank you for the emails! They just make my whole week better. :) Ok, the stories from your week were hilarious! I shared the one about Mason with my comp and the zone leaders- we had a good laugh together. And Grandpa A... What a peach! Ha ha ha! Please send Grandma and Grandpa A my love. Sorry that my pictures were so crazy last week... They take forever to upload and I didn't have the time. I'm also sorry because today I left my cord at the apartment so I can't send anymore this week. Next week- I promise!! 

Well here's an account of my week:

Monday: P-day! We had to register for the city and that took up most of our time, but when we were all done, we went with the zone leaders (Elder DeCosta from Hawaii and Elder Davis from the Green Valley stake) took some city bikes (we have cards that allow us to rent bikes) and rode them to the building where they give the Nobel peace prize each year and then we went to the fortress. It's the old palace and church and military base... and it was bombed in WWII. Apparently the Norwegians are really superstitious because they say it is haunted. But we went and walked around the cobble stone streets up there. It was so cool! 

Tuesday: So we had a girl from the YW in the ward who wanted to go out tracting with us. Her name is Inger Sophie and can I just tell you- she is the Norwegian version of Lauren Grondel! She is so stinking sweet!!! She talks to me all the time in Norsk (because her English isn't so good) and I can barely understand her, but she told me the other day that we are best friends! Even though I have a hard time with the language, she will just come and stand by me and she'll give me hugs and tell me I'm smart. Ha ha! She even has the super curly hair! I love her! So anyways, we went tracting together and she helped me teach a man while Sister Stevens taught someone else.
That night, we took Yusuf (I think I've been calling him josef in my emails, but we were wrong... ha ha! He got baptized on Friday) to dinner with a member family- the Isaksens. Joakim and Marianna and their cute little 2 year old girl who reminds me of Charlie Ashton. I can understand when she speaks Norsk! Ha ha! They made us pizza and it was delicious!!! They had this yummy Norwegian sauce that you put on top and it is like a ranch/sour cream sauce- it's to die for! We talked about temples and it was grand!

Wednesday: We were given free tickets to a play at the opera house from our investigator, Janne (said like Yanna). It was a beautiful evening- we bought a big chocolate bar at 711 to eat during the play. The play was very interesting. It was an Old Norwegian opera and I understood like 3 words. I felt so stupid, but then after we were told that it was in old Norwegian so no one could really understand! Yay! :) I'll have to send you the video of us reenacting the play- it was super weird, but we were so grateful for the opportunity! We ran home in the rain and it was just a fabulous night!

Thursday: I got hit by a trikk... ok, just my arm. It was awesome. It knocked my book of Mormon out of my hand and gave me a huge bruise. I was so embarrassed! The driver jumped out and asked me if I was ok. I turned bright red and said I was fine because I was. But man did I hurt my arm and my pride, and they are both still hurting today! Ha ha ha! I'll have to send you a pic of my battle scar.

Friday: Baptism day! It was interesting... It was rainy, we took the wrong subway about 3 times, Yusuf almost didn't show up and we almost freaked out, the other girl getting baptized had a break down, but it all worked out! Woooof! :) Yay for sharing the gospel! 

Saturday: We had another member dinner with a single woman who, to our surprise, invited a non-member to eat with us. We taught him a brief lesson about the Restoration and gave him a Book of Mormon. It was great! And it was chicken... Still no fish. I have a feeling it's coming fast though... we have a member lunch and diner tomorrow, so I'll let you know. Ha ha! 

On our walk back, we met a Polish man who spoke very little english, like 5 words... ha ha! We gave him a pass along card and then her gave me a bouquet of flowers that he had picked from the flower beds all over town. They were so pretty! I'll have to send you a picture- they were incredible!!

We had a teaching appointment too, a man from Sri Lanka and he gave sister stevens a gift- we thought it was perfume, but when she opened it, we found a light up cross with Jesus on it.

Sunday: Church is in all Norsk so it's good practice. I love the members! We had to visit a member about a referral and she had a cat... you can only guess what happened... ALLERGIES. Ha ha ha! I was a mess! Funny times.

Anyways... That was my week. I love you all so very much! Thank you for being so amazing! You're the bestest in the westest!!! 

Vi Skrives,
Søster Taylor

I need to send an amendment to this email:

I am just fine from getting hit by a trikk! It clipped the back of my arm and knocked the book out of my hand. I have a bruise about the size of an egg on my elbow, but I am totally fine. The only thing that still hurts is my pride. I was soooooo embarrassed! Don't worry about me- it was supposed to be something to laugh about. Sorry if I worried anyone! Love you tons! :)

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