Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Week 31

Hei hei Familie! Hvordan går det med dere? Det går kjempe fint med meg. Jeg savner dere så mye og det gleder meg at vi kan skype så snart!

There's some Norsk for y'all! Man, I miss you guys so much! Especially now that Christmas is coming. It is so beautiful here right now. There are Christmas lights everywhere and it is so pretty, but still no snow... It has rained quite a bit though. We are still waiting for the white stuff. It's not looking like we are going to have a white Christmas here... Crazy, huh?!

So last week I had an amazing high, but this week has been not as amazing. To be honest, it has been really stressful actually. I just feel like I am giving this all I have and yet I am not seeing the results. Our numbers aren't where they should be and I am not exactly sure what to do. It was like we put all of our efforts on getting Teya baptized and now that he is, we have nothing... Oh well. Things will get better! :)

Speaking of Teya... Oh my goodness! My joy is still full over that boy! :) I needed to work out an appointment with him on Tuesday and so I called him after nightly planning. I am going to cry just thinking about this- He began telling me how much he has changed for the better since he met me on the T-bane (subway) 2 months ago. He talked about how he can feel the Spirit guide him in the things he says and that he is just so happy. But then he asked me: "Why did you pick me?" I told him that I honestly had no idea why, just felt like I should talk to him. I told him about the scripture I had on my missionary plaque at home (Alma 29:9) and explained that I was just the instrument. He then said that he thanks God everyday for me because now he knows who he is and whose he is. He said that I am his example and he wants to be a missionary like me one day. We decided that we are going to be friends forever. :) After I got off the phone with him, I decided to look through my planner for the day that I found him. It was October 22. Sister Johnston and I were supposed to be on T-bane 5 to go visit an investigator, but there was something wrong with the sign that said which one was in the station, so we accidentally got on T-bane 3 and headed in the wrong direction. I was so disappointed because I felt like I had failed. I talked to many people on that train and only got 2 phone numbers. Here I thought that we had just wasted a ton of time on the wrong T-bane when really, I found Teya who is now baptized! I was so privileged to have been able to find him! When I realized this, I was overcome with gratitude- that God would use me as an instrument in bringing Teya to a knowledge of the gospel. I just sat there and cried and cried and cried. I thank Heavenly Father everyday for that opportunity. :)  Teya is already a fantastic member. He told me a few days later that he is going to save up some money, then go back to India to share the gospel with his family there. He also wants to travel to Salt Lake City one day. He does missionary work with us all the time and just loves bearing his testimony! Also, next Sunday, he will get the Priesthood. I am so proud of him! I wish you guys could meet him- the boys would love him tons! :) I am so happy!

On Wednesday, we had dinner at a member family's home. They invited Sister Ray and I and also a companionship of Elders. They are actually from England so it was in English... Yes! :) I love English. (I am getting worse and worse at speaking it every single day...) So, being from England, they had awesome accents and we all started speaking with one after about 15 minutes... Ha ha! They have 3 little kids and it was like a circus, but so much fun! I love being at members homes. It makes me feel almost normal. Ha ha! Umm... I don't know what else to say about that...

Last night, the Stake had a huge Christmas concert in a suburb of Oslo called Romerike. It was a beautiful meeting- they had a mini Norwegian mo-tab and orchestra. It was very impressive!

So transfers are coming up next week... I know I am moving, I just don't know where yet. It is getting really sad. I have started taking pictures with all the members and investigators so I will never forget any of them... I can't wait to be able to tell you all of my fun stories and stuff. :) I love you guys so much!

Well, this is kind of a sorry email. Maybe next week will be better... I love you tons! Thanks for all you do! :) I hope you have a great week!

Vi Snakkes!
Lots and lots of love,
Søster Jessica Taylor

P.S. Thank you for the Birthday wishes! I actually received that package earlier this week. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am not gonna lie- I opened up 2 of the presents early... I couldn't wait! It was torturous! Ha ha! I LOVE the scarf and the necklace- so beautiful! The rest is still wrapped and will be until my birthday, I hope. I can't promise anything. My self control isn't very strong... Ha ha! THANK YOU AGAIN!!!

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