Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Week 42

Hi Family!

It is me once again! How are you all doing? It is always awesome hearing from you all every Monday. :) I love you all so much!

Well I feel really bad, but I have about 30 minutes to email you today. It's like being back at the MTC! No, today Sister Campbell and I are going to visit Mali and Daniel (The brother and Sister- he was just baptized) and they are going to teach us how to knit cool authentic Norwegian scarves, mittens, hats,etc! We are so excited to go, but our bus comes soon so we have to be ready to go!

This week has been very interesting! We have been doing a lot of finding, and sadly, with not much success. We are trying to work really hard and be really obedient so that we can be worthy of the Lord's help. On Thursday, we had zone conference with President... I love that man! He is so amazing and always gives us such motivation. This Conference, he put a lot of emphasis on our teaches on the street. We worked on them a ton and that night, when we went out on the street, we had tons of success! We taught 5 people in about an hour! That is incredible!!! :)

We had a really cool experience his week- we went to go visit a referral from a member out in the middle of nowhere. She lived in this apartment building so we had to find her name on the doorbell thingy so that she could let us in. Well, when she called down to see who it was, she told us that she wasn't interested in what we had to say and hung up. So we decided to push random buttons and talk to people until our bus came back. We got one person to let us in, but it didn't turn out... As we were walking out of the building, we saw an older woman who had a ton of groceries and she was trying to carry them through the snow. We ran to help her and carried it up to the 9th floor. We were able to give her the Book of Mormon and tell her a little about it. It was a really cool experience! :) We went to visit another referral on the other side of town... it didn't work out either, but we were able to knock on some other doors and then we found this giant snow man that we took pictures with (I'll send them next week!) So much fun!! :)

So I had a really hard day on Saturday- Brit (the woman who received her answer that the church was true) dropped us. She heard about the word of wisdom and doesn't want to give up coffee.... I was so torn apart! I knew she has her agency, but man! She was willing to give up the greatest joy she could ever find for a cup of nasty black stuff in the morning! It was horrible and I felt like a piece of my heart was ripped out... Oh well... We are continuing to pray for her that coffee will start tasting really nasty. :)

I was able to teach relief society again yesterday, and it went so much better than the last time! Yahoo the church is true! Ha ha! I taught about Joseph Smith from the teachings of George Albert Smith and it turned out awesome- and it was in Norwegian! Woot!! I really just think that whenever you teach about the Restoration, and truth of any kind, the Spirit is super strong. I truly know Joseph Smith was a prophet of God!

Please tell Sully thanks for the referral. We will be calling her this week! I am so excited to meet her! :) 

Well Family, I hope you know that I love you all so very much! Sorry for the lack of personal emails... Do letters count? :) I love you tons and miss you bunches. You are the best!

Vi Skrives!
♥- Søster Jessica Taylor

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