Monday, May 7, 2012

Week 53

Hi Family! 

How are you all doing? Ok, so for skype (just so I don't forget) Is 7 am ok for you? We are only allowed 40 minutes because Sunday is still a regular proselyting day. Sorry... Anyways, I am super duper excited for Sunday!!! :) It is going to be so great to see you all! I love you tons.

So the weather in Trondheim is pretty bipolar. Today, for example, we went out running (because I got the package with the boots and shoes- thanks! I love them so much! :)) and it was beautiful. Went to the giant cathedral and it was beautiful. Went to get some lunch and it started pouring rain and then it snowed... Craziness! 

Well family, you should be proud... I made the cover of a magazine! :) So people are out on the streets selling them- I see my face everywhere! Ha ha! The article turned out really nice. I'll send a book home and maybe I'll translate the article for you. :) No one has said anything about it yet, but we are expecting big results.

The church is really getting highlighted here in Trondheim... We were asked to participate in the intermission of a play at a local theater. The play is all about world religions and so they wanted to have some one who was very religious come and speak between acts... so of course, they ask the Mormon missionaries! It is pretty cool. They allowed us to sit through on of the practice runs so that we could check the content of the play to see if it was something we would want to be a part of. It is pretty humorous! So while one of the actors speaks between acts, we are supposed to interrupt him from the audience and then go up on stage and teach a 5 minute lesson on the restoration of the gospel! It goes until the 16 of May, so all the missionary companionships are taking turns each night. It's pretty cool, but super scary. Sister Butterfield and I are doing it for the first time tonight... I might get stage fright!     

Well, Juliana probably won't be getting baptized this weekend. She has to work! Darn it... We are going to just try to push it back one week. She loves the church and wants to get baptized, so it's all good! :)

Agnes is on fire! She is doing so well. She really is an instant Mormon, just add water! :) It is so weird teaching an older woman... I don't know why- I'm just used to the youngin's. Most of the time, older people are just so set in their ways and they are not willing to change. But she is just the opposite! Her date is set for the 9th of June. 

We are finding more and more positive people... I will keep you posted on their progress once we meet with them. :)

Well, I will be staying in Trondheim for the next 2 months and I am so happy about it! I guess that is not 100% sure, but President told me so... Ha ha! :) I love it here so very much! I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK!!! :)

Well family, I love you tons and tons and I can't wait to see you all in 6 days. Have a great week! :) 

♥- Søster Taylor

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  1. How wonderful!! I know I don't know Jessica that well, but it feels like we're all just family, doesn't it?? Maybe we should be the Taydel's... or the Gronlor's? Go Jessica Go!!