Friday, May 18, 2012

Week 54

Hi Family!

Oh my goodness, it was so good to see you all on Sunday! You are the best family ever and I love each of you so very much! :)

This week has been super crazy! We have seen many miracles and we are so grateful for them! For example, yesterday was the last day of the play and we had some great success- we gave out a few copies of the Book of Mormon and were able to teach a few people as well. That was awesome! Agnes, our 49 year-old Norwegian investigator has given us quite the roller coaster ride this week.  On Monday, she told us that she had received a crystal clear answer that she needed to be baptized on the 26 of may. Her date was originally set for the 9 of June so of course we were estatic! We told her to watch out for Satan because he would tell her that she wasn't ready. She told us she would be fine.... well, yesterday, she text us and told us that she was moving her date back and that we were not going to meet with her or see her at church before that date (she has some exams she has to take). WHAT???? She called the branch missionary leader and told him to tell us to lay off of her. We warned her that Satan would try to get to her and he did! We are so worried! Luckily, she has a really good relationship with missionary leader and has had contact with him. We also called the relief society president (who has come on teaches with Agnes) to keep in contact with her as well. We are trying to just keep her warm because we can't force her to be baptized on the day she received an answer to be baptized on. This is so frustrating! I am so sad and angry and hurt. No one is bullet proof when it comes to Satan! I just hope we don't lose her... We are fasting and praying that Satan doesn't get to her more than he already has and we will do anything to keep that from happening...

Well, that wasn't very happy, but that's life! Today was wonderful though! :) It is the Norwegian version of the 4th of July. Flags were everywhere and everyone was in traditional Norwegian clothing. It was awesome! We ate pastries and ice cream and watched parades in the rain. (Norwegian parades are nothing like American ones... their's consist of bands and random people walking down the street yelling "hip hip hoorah" with a Norwegian accent... Oh and guys in Starwars outfits! Ha ha!) After the parade, we went to dinner with Mali, Daniel, and their parents in the most beautiful place ever! I will send pictures on Monday. We ate all of the Norwegian food we could fit into ourselves. Then we went back to their house after a scenic drive and knitted together and pet cats (I didn't of course... Ha ha!) and read books about the history of the traditional Norwegian dress, called a bunad. They are different depending on where in the country one comes from. It was amazing! I loved every minute of today! I love this country. I love this culture. I love this language. I love this people. I love this work! :)

You are all wonderful! I love and miss you tons! Have a great week and vi snakkes! :)

♥- Søster Jessica Taylor

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