Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Week 70

                                          This is from Oslo! Frisør means hairstylist ;)

Heisann familie!

It's just me again. :) Thanks for the emails- I hope you are all doing so well and that life is going good!

This week started out great, got kind of stressful, then turned out ok again. Ha ha! Sånn er livet... (That's life... basically. Ha ha!) Sister Pace and I are having a great time together. We are working super hard! :) Bergen is such a great place! I love it here (expect that it rains all of the time... At least it makes for a warmer winter!) Ha ha!

We were able to meet with Victoria- that amazing contact from last week. Oh man! She is incredible! She told us after we taught her that she just wants to go out on the streets and share the Book of Mormon with everyone she can! She has had a rough life and is actually from one of the countries that broke off from the Soviet Union, but I can't remember which one...something-stan. Ha ha! I'm lame, sorry! ;) Anyways, yeah, she is really searching for the truth and is completely willing to do everything thing she can to find the truth. Unfortunately, she couldn't meet with us after our first meeting because she called called into work everyday and she couldn't come to church either. That was a pain... Oh well. We have good daily contact with her and we will be meeting with her this week! :)

As for Adele, she is on a downhill spiral. She is having a hard time accepting everything we are teaching her. We try to emphasize how important reading from the Book of Mormon, praying, coming to church, and getting a confirmation from the Holy Ghost are, but she just isn't taking it in. I hate agency... Ha ha! But really... Anyways, she was still willing to meet with us and what not, but then she got really sick with perpetual migraines and hasn't been able to meet. I feel super bad for her- that has to be miserable! We are still talking to her and we will meet with her this week as long as she is feeling up to it. Sad part is that she had to come to church yesterday to be able to make her baptismal date, but she didn't come so now her date is off. Så trist! (So sad!) I have a feeling she'll make a new date though- she has the desire and that is where it all starts (Alma 32:27).

Kari, the referral from the Andersen family, is having a really hard time right now. On Tuesday, she text me and asked me to call her so, of course, I did. She is really sick and has to have surgery in a couple of weeks. On top of that, her kids are giving her a really hard time. It was so sad talking to her! We set up a time where we could go out and visit her, but she got really sick again and we couldn't go out there. Yesterday, she was so upset that she couldn't come to church because she felt so sick again. I called her and she thanked us for being her friends and she just said over and over again how much she loves and needs us right now. Oh man! It made me feel so good! :) We are going to visit her on Wednesday morning to teach her again. It's going to be great! :)

Now, BOB. Oh boy. This kid is going to kill me! He is so cool and so nice and so honest and real, but he might want to push his date back! ARGH!!! Have I told you that I hate agency??? Well, I do! We have worked so hard this last week to solidify his testimony of Joseph Smith and when we finally got him to express it, he told us that he wasn't sure if he's ready... Oh how that broke my heart!!! He is so ready! We have been fasting and praying for this kid so much- Heavenly Father has got to be tired of hearing it from me! :) Yes... We still love Bob though. He is going to be a great member... and possibly a missionary! He came out contacting with us this week and actually did an amazing job! He has no fear and was stopping people and talking to them. He even gave me some tips! He's a champion. (Our district leader always says that every time we give him a report on our area- "That Bob's a champion!" :) It's great!) But yeah, we are meeting with him tonight and we are going to find out what he has decided to do. Who knows... We might still have a baptism this weekend! :)

We are so stinking excited- on Thursday and Friday we will be in Oslo for a sisters conference! Sister Evans (The mission president's wife) has put in so much planning and it is going to be a big sleepover part for 2 days with good food and training with the girls... It's going to be AWESOME!!! :) Sister Evans has asked me to give a little presentation about hair and humidity. Ha ha! I have no idea what I am going to say... It was be funny! I'll let you know how it goes! :)

Well, I hope you all have a great week! I love and miss you all tons!

♥- Søster Jessica Taylor

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