Monday, September 10, 2012

Week 71

Hi Family!

I hope you are all doing so well! :) Thanks for the letters and emails. You guys are amazing!!! I love you so very much! 

This week has been really, really, really stressful... Oh my goodness! So Bob didn't end up getting baptized... It was really sad. :( I don't even know what to tell you on this matter. On Monday, he came to our appointment and was not sure if he was going to do it. He made a pros and cons list with us and his desires were totally in the right place, but he still had some hang ups... We told him to pray and study and figure it out, then let us know on Tuesday. We had to know if he was going to get baptized because we had to plan it before we left for our sisters conference on Thursday. Oh man... He didn't say anything on Tuesday for a long time. I was a hot mess! There was so much pressure because we had so little time and so much to do. When we ended up talking to him, we decided to postpone it til next week. Thankfully, that chilled some of the stress we were experiencing. 

Our sisters conference was absolutely AMAZING!!! It was so good to be with all 11 sisters in the mission. :) We just talked and socialized and relaxed! Sister Evans had everything so relaxed, we felt like we were in heaven! Each companionship prepared a presentation on a certain phase of missionary work and ours was on understanding the Spirit with our hearts. Let me just tell you, it was BOMB!!! Everyone cried and it was so precious! :) I absolutely loved being there with everyone! We got to eat amazing food and Sister Evans let us stay up late and sleep in... WOW!!! :) I just love president and Sister Evans so very much. They are so amazing! :) 

When we got back to real missionary life, we met with Bob and tried to get him prepared for his interview... But he failed... And he knew he was going to because he straight up said he didn't have faith in certain things.... ARGH!!!! We have done everything for him... except taking away his agency! So now we are going to push his date back AGAIN. It has not been easy. AT ALL. I've shed a few tears over this... 

On a happier note- we met with Kari... I hope you remember me telling you about her... She asked us to come and visit her. She is having such a hard life! We went to teach her and for the first 30 minutes, she just cried and told us her story. We felt so bad, but we were able to teach her about the Atonement and how she could use it. It was a powerful teach! Afterwards, we invited her to be baptized and she picked her date for the 13th of October! Yahoo! :) She is having surgery later this week and we are praying that everything goes well... We love her so much! 

So it has been a bitter sweet week. We are just trucking along!!! :)

Well, sorry for the depressing email... I'll try for a better one next week... Ha ha!

I love and miss you! Have a great week! 

♥- Søster Jessica Taylor

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