Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Week 10

Hello, hello!
Guess what... I am still at the MTC! ...but not for long. We get our temporary assignments today, so I'll be calling you!!! :)
So I have officially been here for 10 weeks... BLAH! I'm getting sick of it, but it has been an amazing blessing! There have been so many things that I have learned, that I wouldn't have had the opportunity to if I wouldn've left when I was supposed to.
 -The new norsk missionaries have brought us much purpose here. They are all amazing and I love them to death! They have it a lot harder than we did becaust they have had Norsk spoken to them from day one and they taught their first lesson in Norsk their 3rd day here! It's crazy because normally we have 2 teachers, but they have switched it up for them. They only think they have one- Bro. Jaffa. Bro. Burns, our other teacher is actually playing a native Norwegian who is visiting and is interested in the church, so that is who they are teaching. After each companionship teaches him 5 times he will reveal himself as their teacher! It's really awesome, but hard because we have to keep the secret. :) They are picking it up so fast- it's incredible! It's great because they rely a lot on us 3 oldies for help with the language- I'm realizing I know a lot more than I thought I did! :) We have had the opportunity to review all that we learned as they learn principles of the language for their fisrt time. It's great! 
 -On Saturday, we had 2 older gentlemen come visit our class room saying that they had received an email from the MTC asking them to come help out with the Norwegians. They let us 3 oldies talk to them for a while, then they acted as investigators and we taught them as a tripanionship in Norsk. It was so fun! I had the opportunity to teach the part about the first vision. I cannot even begin to tell you how much my testimony of Joseph Smith has grown. When reciting the first vision, english or norsk, the Spirit immediately floods the room and there is no denying the truthfulness of it. My heart is burning just thinking about it! :)
 -Because a lot of what is being done in class is just review, we oldies separate a lot for personal study. For the last 3 days, I have been watching the Finding Faith in Christ movie on It is an incredible movie! While I have been watching, I will pause at each story that it depicts and I found it in every gospel in the New Testament. So I have read the 4 gospels probably 3 times now! :) This has been an amazing experience because I have been able to study His life more fully and build a stornger faith in Him. Last night, we had a devotional and the speaker descibed His atonement in such detail... words can't begin to describe. In the past 3 days, I have come to know my Savior so much more and I am SO grateful for all that He has done for us! My heart hurts as I think about the pain he must have felt- and He did it all alone! The speaker said- "We can't begin comprehend the magnitude of His sacrifice, but we must try to comprehend." He has felt EVERYTHING we have felt. That is how we can know that we are never alone, because He has felt every individual pain for every individual person that has ever walked this planet or any other planet in this universe. I love Him so much! It is because of this that I can trust that no matter what happens, it will be ok- He walks with us always.
Well.... That's about it for now. I'll keep you posted on Reassignments! :)
Love you all!
-Sister Jessica Taylor

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