Friday, July 1, 2011

Week 8

Hi Family!!
How is everything going???? I admire all of you so much for your strength and your faith! :)
Can you believe it- this will most likely be the last email I will send from the MTC!!! Holy cow! We actually received our travel plans on Thursday (but they don't mean anything if our visas don't come- pray for us!!! :) ) Anyways, the plan is to leave the MTC at 8am on the 4th, fly out of SLC at 11 to Chicago with a 2 hour layover until our flight to LONDON :) at, with an hour layover until our flight to Norway. So open times for calls would be between 8 and 11 (probably wont happen then because they discourage calling in SLC), or in Chicago between 3:20 and 5:10 pm. That is utah time... I don't remember Vegas time... ha ha!
Thank you so much for the card with pics and gum!!! I loved it! :) I love you all so much and I can't wait to talk to you!!!! Oh my goodness, I am so excited! :)
So this last week has been AMAZING!!! It was training for the new mission presidents and all of the general authorities were here. The Spirit was so strong especially on Thursday because the Prophet was here! On Friday, we actually saw Jefferey R. Holland in the hallway and he said Hi to us- It was amazing!!! He glowed with the Spirit! We were freaking out- talk about Mormon celebrities! :) Anyways, we got to leave class early that day because our district wanted to sing in the choir for the special devotional that was planned for that night. We sang 2 new primary songs, and they were beautiful! At the devotional, there were 7 of the 12 apostles there, including Holland, anderson, scott, nelson, oaks, ballard, and bednar. Elder Bednar spoke to us and it was so amazing! He gave all of us an apostalic blessing- he invoked on us all of the necessary blessings that would help us be the best missionaries we could be. The spirit was so strong! We also saw Julie B Beck- she waved at us when we were sitting in the choir. Later we saw Dallin H Oaks and his wife at dinner. They truly are apostles of Christ and Men of God!! :)
So yesterday, Sis. B. and I got to leave the compound... Like really leave! Sis. B. lost her retainer, so we had to go to an Ortho office so she could get a new one. We rode in a car and spent our first hour in public with our badges on! It was super fun, and suprisingly spiritual. I felt like I needed to be better because of the name on my tag. It was really cool! :)
Wanna hear a funny story? Well after the devotional on Friday, all the missionaries had a chance to relax and watch the MTC special from conference. Well suddenly I had this note sat on my lap and I was very confused. I opened it up and it was a note from some random elder asking me for my address! Creepy! So I folded it back up and passed it back down the row. Mean, I know. But the boy needs to focus, right? So aftr a few minutes, it came back with an Email address on it! Anyways, I found which elder it was and have been trying to keep on the DL, but he is everywhere! Ha ha! Well that's my story... It's not that funny, sorry. It'd be better if I could show you the note and tell you in person. We all got a kick out of it here. :)
I love you all so much and I cant wait to talk to you!!!
-Sister Taylor

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