Saturday, July 23, 2011

Week 11

Hi Family!!!
I miss you so much! Being at temple square just reminds me of family and home and Argh.. it's rough! But AMAZING!!! I've met some of the most amazing people here- missionaries and guests alike! People from all over the world come to this place and we have the pleasure of taking them around. :)
So First off, I have 2 companions. No Norwegians... But it is ok with me. I LOVE these girls! One is from Mexico, Sis. Martinez, and the other is from Samoa, Sister Tupoula. They have taken me right in and we have a great time together! They are teaching me all the ropes about how to take people on tours and mix principles of the gospel into it. You would NEVER believe what they do here though... They have the opportunity to teach people that they meet over the phone and through email. They are teaching people from 76 countries and in about 40 different languages. They do this about 2 hours per day. It is incredible!!! I don't have a username and password yet, but I get to watch them talk to people all over the world! They let me call a few people on Monday and Tuesday- I was calling New Zealand! :) A sister from Sweden told me that she has some Norwegian refferals to call and she said she would give them to me. :)
Speaking of Norwegian... I don't have a lot of practice time, but I pray in Norsk and I study the Scriptures in Norsk. But today I heard a group of people talking in a different language, and I knew it was Norsk so i went up and talked to them for a minute!!! It was so awesome! I didn't do very well, but I loved it!! It made me want to go to Norway so bad! Ha ha ha! Seriously though, I am SOOOO happy here! It is an amazing place and I learn knew things everyday. The Spirit is so strong- I took it for granted before, but it is an amazing place! If you come up, go see God's plan for the family in the North Visitor's Center by the Christus- It's absolutely amazing! It's my favorite place here. In 2 days we went through it with tours 8 times one in Spanish. Tell the Sister's you know me- They ALL know who I am. Ha ha! I'm the talk of the town! :)
What else... Oh yeah! So today for Pday, our mission president and his wife took 8 or so sisters to some batting cages in town and then to artic circle for dinner and ice cream! It was so fun! They are incredible people and I appreciate him so much. He is always checking up on me to make sure all is well. :)
I love being a whole-life Mormon with Pioneer ancestry here because it's so rare! I have had so many people look at me in awe when I tell them about John Moyle and Zera Pulsipher. There was this one member who was visiting with her kids and when I told her that he was my great great great... grandpa, she flipped! ( In a good way! ha ha!) She whipped out her phone and video-ed me telling about him so she could show her primary in texas- I guess they had just told that story in sharing time a few weeks ago. I am so grateful for our pioneer heritage, especially after being here and witnessing first hand their sacrifices. I feel my testimony strengthen when I talk about their astounding faith! :)
So I have met people from Australia, Israel, Mexico, Canada... basically everywhere! Ha ha! It's so amazing! Nowhere else in the world would I ever meet this many different people! So I am on the ground every single day and it is such a blessing! I am soooo tired, but I and sooooooooooo happy! :)
My address here is:
50NW Temple Street
UT 84150-1006
I love you all so much and I miss you always! I hope everything is going well at home! Tell me everything!
Jeg elsker dere veldig mye!
Sister Taylor

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