Monday, January 2, 2012

Week 35

Happy New Year!!!

Oh my goodness- I love and miss you guys so much! I am so glad that you got the package I sent- I was afraid it would never get there.... Anyways, I will translate my testimony for you... later. I forgot what I said. oops! Too late!! :) Congrats to Kelie and Mason on passing your life guard tests! That is awesome! :) And no, my pj pants have not ripped yet... I have a feeling it will happen soon though... :(

I still think about our chance to skype every single day- that was so wonderful! I loved every minute of it and it makes me so excited that we only have about 17 more weeks until we get skype! Woot!! I am so excited!

I can't believe it is already 2012... That is nuts. Any New Year's resolutions? I certainly have some. I am trying to become more converted, more obedient, more positive, and more healthy (I already eat pretty healthy here, but me and Sister Grass plan to become hotter and ripped real soon so we can find us some italian stallions! Just kidding. Ha ha!) We actually are cutting sugar out of our diets. It should be interesting. We will see how it goes. :)

On Wednesday, we had the opportunity to go to a concert at a cathedral here- it actually is the most famous one in all of Norway- it was a girls choir and it was absolutely AMAZING!!! They sang many traditional Norwegian and English Christmas songs. (Christmas is still kinda going on here... Everybody is still saying "God Jul!") I felt like I was i the Sound of Music or something- the architecture was incredible- I was in Heaven!!!

So we had an awesome New Year's eve party! The Springers (the couple missionaries) and Jo-Ann (a new convert) and Hande (our blind investigator from Turkey) and us were at the church playing uno and watching The Other Side of Heaven. It was so fun! Then right before midnight, we walked out and stood on the bridge and watched the fireworks go off all over the city- It was amazing! Some people were lighting up these lanterns like on Tangled and Sister Grass and I were dying- we took lots of pictures! :) It was so nice. We got to sleep in until 7:30 yesterday morning and then we had an hour of church. It was wonderful! I am starting to build a few more relationships with the members here- that's exciting for me. :)

Sister Grass and I are having such a great time together. I love this girl! She is an amazing missionary. I am so lucky to be her companion! :) We are working really hard to get lots of people to teach. Right now, we have a guy named Daniel. His sister, Molly (Mormon), was baptized a few months ago. He is a rocket scientist and was completely atheist, but I talked to him the other day, and he is becoming more and more open to the idea of God. It has been cool to see him change and open up. He actually has a baptismal date for the 21st of this month. We will be teaching him the law of chastity next... my favorite lesson. NOT!!! Ha ha! He is really cool though. He bought me mittens for Christmas- they are red with white snowflakes on them- Norwegian style. :) Marita is really awesome. She is Norwegian and her mom is actually a less active member. I just met her, but she is so prepared! I love those kinds of people!!! :) As far as people back in Oslo, as far as I know, none of them have been baptized yet. Hopefully, soon though... I thought I would miss them more, but the people here in Trondheim are just filling up my heart super quick! :) More updates next week...

Well, I don't have time to send individual emails this week, but please know that I love each and everyone of you individually and I love hearing from you! You guys are the bestest family in the westest!! Thank you for everything. Yahoo the Church is true!!!

Lots and lots of love,
Søster Jessica Taylor

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