Friday, June 24, 2011

Week 2

Hello family!!
I hope everything is going somewhat alright at home! I miss you all very much and I think about you all the time!
I feel so terrible about Kelsie's knee! I can't believe that happened... I started to cry when I read what had happened. I'm so sorry that she is in pain! I had the opportunity to go to the temple this morning, and I prayed for her and the whole family while I was there. I hope everything works out and that it gets better soon. I will continue to pray for her!
I was also diappointed when I heard that dad hadn't gotten that job. My goodness- wheni is this family ever going to catch a break???? The only thing that keeps me going is knowing that Heavenly Father is mindful of us. He watches over us and is always there when we need Him. We had a devotional last night where Richard G. Hinckley (Gordon B.'s son) of the 70 spoke. He taught that faith is an action word. We have to work as hard as we can before we can recieve blessings. In Ether 12:26 it talks about how we recieve blessing after the trial of our faith- we have to prove ourselves... (I think that's the scripture... I don't have time to check, sorry!) Again, I will keep on praying for the family.
I'm so glad to hear that the boy's party was a success! I wish I could've been there for the party bus! :) Happy early Birthday, boys! ha ha ha!
So on Saturday, our district had what was called the TRC. That stands for the training resource center. We go and practice teaching people the lessons. We started out contacting in norwegian, then we taught in english. It went really well!... I think. :) Speaking the language is so hard and so intense. Our teachers have started speaking mostly in Norwegian so it is hard to understand what we are doing sometimes. Oh well... I've had my taste of the gift of toungues, so I know it's possible to speak it! Yesterday afternoon, we had the opportunity to practice as companionships contacting one of our teachers in Norsk. Our teachers are really awesome because they will act as real investigators and they won't break character. So Sis. B. and I had met with one of our teachers characters before, so we went to "visit him again." (I hope this make sense...) Upon our first meeting, we left him a book of mormon and asked him to read it and pray. He said he would, but when we went back, he hadn't read anything. So we tried to explain how important it was for him to really read it. Mind you, this is all in Norwegian! He kept saying something like "it's interesting, but I don't understand why it is important... we already have a bible, why do we need this?... where did it come from?" We were not prepared to answer all these questions, and he was persistently asking. Finally, in broken norwegian I just looked him in the eyes and said something like: "Jeg vet at mormons bok er annet vitner om Jesus Kristus. Det er Guds ord, somme bibelen og Jeg promise du that if du lester den boken og bedt pa Himmeslke Fader, du vil fole Hans kjaerlighet for du. Vil du commit to lester det by our next appointment? (I know that the book of mormon is another testmant of Jesus Christ. It is the word of God and I promise that if you read it and pray to your heavenly father, you will feel His love for you. Will you commit to reading it by our next appointment?) " Yes, there were random english words thrown in there, but as soon as I said this, I felt the spirit so strong telling me and this faux investigator that I was dead on. He ended up commiting and we have a faux appointment set up for friday where Sis. B. and i will be teaching a lesson on the book of mormon in norsk. It was awesome!
I'm running out of time! I love you all so very much! I'll be sending you some pictures in the mail a little later today. Good luck with everything!!! xoxoxoxoxo
Love, Sister Taylor

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