Friday, June 24, 2011

Week 7

Heisann familie!!!
I hope everything is going well! :) I miss you all very much. Can you believe that my time in the MTC is almost done? We should be getting our travel plans TOMORROW!!! July 4th is rapidly approaching and I cannot wait to be able to talk to you!
Again, this last week was not very exciting. The days and weeks are all blending together!
This week is a very special week at the MTC. Almost 200 new mission presidents and their wives are all coming here for training. well guess who trains them.... The first presidency and quorom of the 12! So security has been super tight and we are not allowed to go in certain buildings anymore because it is so high-profile! Sweet, huh?! :) The prophet is supposed to be here tomorrow for sure and we have a special fireside on Friday... We're hoping we get to hear from someone like Pres. Uchtdorf of Eyring! This morning, we went to the temple and while we were walking up, there was a couple waiting at the cross walk. The husband was a newly called mission president. The woman had on the cutest red heels ever! Of course, I had to comment. :) She told me in her adorable spanish accent that they were made in Brazil and that's where the greatest shoes are made. We laughed and chatted for a bit while we waited to cross the street. After that, my new goal is to travel around the world, study shoe designs, and then create my own line... like jessica simpson, but not. Ha ha! We'll see what happens!
On Monday, we had the most fun i have had since i was a small child! Since one of the buildings that is closed is the gym, we had to go to the missionary field. Our Norwegian district played kickball with the Swedish district and it was a riot! I kicked a home run... funny story- the sprinklers were on, so the ball got really wet and slippery, so when I kicked, an elder caught it so I thought i was out, but then it slipped out of his hands, so i kept running! That drop pattern continued until i made it around all four bases! :) After our game, we dicided to relive our childhood and run through the sprinklers! It was so fun and we were completely soaked! I'll have to send pictures. :)
As i mentioned before, we went to the temple today. we did initiatories and sealings. I have never done sealings before, so this was a great experience. As we rotated through, I listened to the sealer speak, I thought about 2 things: 1. how lucky we were to be born under the new and everlasting covenant and how much i have taken it for granted in my life, and 2. what an honor it was to be able to give someone the opportunity to live with their family forever. I am so grateful that i can spend eternity with you all- I love you more than words can even describe!
After we got done at the temple, we had personal study. I was reading in the Book of Mormon, and I actually finished the entire thing! I felt the greatest sense of accomplishment, and I KNEW without a shadow of a doubt that it is the word of God! I love that book so much! I never realized how much it can bless us- there is so much to learn in it! I look forward to reading it everyday for the rest of my life! :)
Sorry this is short... I don't have too much to say. :( Just know that I love you all so very much and that I KNOW that this gospel is true! It is the greatest blessing in my life. You are the bestest in the westest and I can't wait to hear your voices!
Jeg elsker dere!!
-Sister Taylor

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