Friday, June 24, 2011

Week 4

Hi family!
I hope everything is going well! I love and miss you all very much. How was your Memorial Day? Did you do anything fun?
So today is my 4 week anniversary of being in the MTC! It's nuts!!! Time is going by so fast... I guess that's a good thing!
So on Sunday, for Relief society, they always have a big devotional for the sisters only. This week Susan B. Tanner was the speaker. (She was the general young womens president when I was in young womens.) She was so amazing! Hearing her speak just brought back memories of when Mom was the YW pres. and we would go to the YW broadcasts together. Good Times!! :)
Does anyone remember that game that grandma had called "Husker du?"? Well, I found out this week that it is a Norwegian game! I know, super cool, right? It means "remember you?" I just thought that was awesome... maybe it's not that cool... Ha ha!
Sis. Butterfield and I taught another lesson in Norsk this week. This time it was on the plan of salvation. It went really well! We only got through pre-earth life, the creation, the fall, our life on earth, and the atonement. However, the part about the Atonement was amazing!! Sister B. had a brother who committed suicide a few years ago, so she testified about how the atonement has helped her in her life- it was so powerful! I love teaching!! It is really scary and stressful because I am trying so hard to understand the investigator, but it is so rewarding when they can feel the spirit testify to them! The gospel is amazing!!!
This week, in my personal studies, I have been reading in the Book of Ether in the BOM. I got to the part about the brother of Jared. That is officially my new favorite BOM story! I always knew about how he asked Heavenly Father to light the stones for the barges that were going to take them to the promised land, but did you know that because of his faith, he actually saw Jesus Christ?! That was amazing to me! I cannot even imagine how incredible it would be to have that experience- it makes me want to have greater faith!! You should definitely read that story if you're ever having a rough time. It was funny because after I read that, our inspired teacher, Brother Jaffa had all of us tell our favorite BOM heros' stories. I, of course, told that one. There were lots of good ones shared. After everyone did their thing, we discussed their faith and courage. One elder brought up Samuel the Lamanite and how he was protected from the speres and arrows that were being thrown at him. The elder said that he thought it was amazing that Samuel had enough faith that God protected him. But the Bro. Jaffa brought up an awesome point- look at Abinadi- he had enough to deliver the message that he was commanded to, even though he didn't know if he would live or die. He just knew that God would give him the power to deliver his message. Bro. Jaffa said this: "Having perfect faith is not always knowing that God will protect us. Perfect faith is knowing that we need to do what's right no matter what the consequences may be." I though that was amazing and totally applicable to our lives. We don't know what is going to happen in our lives- what trials will come- but we just have enough faith to continue in obedience. If we do, then we will be blessed.
So every week we have a meeting with one of our teachers. This week, I met with Bro. Jaffa. We talk about how the MTC is, if we need any special help, and we set goals. I told him that I feel like the language is really slow going and I get discouraged. He told me that I have nothing to worry about. He said that if I were to be sent to Norway right now, He would not worry about me one bit! He said that I need to look at what progress I have made in such a short time and thank my Heavenly Father for giving me the gift of tongues. This made me feel so much better! So Mason, apparently my Norwegian skills aren't that bad! :P Ha ha! Our district has started doing "English fasts" where we only speak Norsk for an hour a day. It's helping so hopefully I will get even better!!
Again I love you all so much!!! I miss you like crazy! I just mailed out last weeks letters... Sorry it took me so long- life is crazy!
Jeg elsker dere veldig mye!!!
love, Sister Taylor

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